Sumith Suresh

Cybersecurity Professional, CTF Player, Meditator, Life Hacker.
Welcome to my digital space!

Hey! I am Sumith Suresh, Cybersecurity Professional, CTF Player and Blogger. This website is my digital space where I can showcase my work and share my thoughts.

I work as an Cybersecurity Professional, making sure to play my part in making internet a safer place.

I love everything related to technology. You will find me discuss about technology and some random stuff along the way.

Contact me anytime, talk about anything and I’ll be there to help you out!


Programming really intrigues me and you can mostly find me coding different kinds of stuff on my laptop.

Language Love = Python 

Wanting to learn = JavaScript

Information Security

My daily work involves finding security issues and making sure that they are fixed by responsible parties. I am mostly involved in Web Application Penetration Testing, Mobile Security and OT Security.

Tools = BurpSuite, Nessus.

Graphics Designing

Designing is my hobby and I really love to sketch, shade and work on graphic stuff to be used on websites!

Pencil Sketching = Love

Icon Designing

I love to blog!

Visit my blog to read about technology, graphics and life.